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I am not in.

Please leave your message.
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This guy isn't easy to play, and really easy to mess up, so I'm really counting on this HMD thing, okay? D8 Just tell me if I'm screwing up and I'll fix it like whoa.

I swear.
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Winter is drawing closer. Perhaps some of you may remember what occurred the previous winter.

Before the wildlife retreats into hibernation, it might be best to consider stocking up on food. And before any snow makes transportation and movement impossible, kindling and firewood would be in order.

The hospital does not need to be inundated with patients this year. Prevention would be the best course of action.

[TL;DR: Let's avoid dying in the snow this year, mmkay?]
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... I see I returned just in time... for another rush.

I do hope you enjoy your stay for the short time you will be here... Do take care

not to get into any trouble.
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shhh- shhhht KSHHHHH click!

The screen only went wild for a moment, the operator on the other end... apparently knew exactly how to work this thing. Immediately.

There's a flutter of brilliant colors across the screen, bright eye patterns swirling past before it blackens, but the voice function remains on.]


And still so little has changed.



... I believe I left something behind.

[Which one of you has his scale B|]
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[Okay, it's not like the video catches much. There's a flicker of gold on the screen, but the communicator appears to be having some difficulty focusing. It either becomes filled with static or unfocuses as whatever is there passes by the screen.

Whatever it is, it's as bright as a bonfire, gold now starting to flash brightly across the screen as it melds with tan, white and orange.

As for where he is... Well...

The Medicine Seller had left the school shortly after Washu's demise. Not to return to the museum, but to attempt to lay down another ofuda barrier. It seems like he didn't get that far. Whatever has taken his place... only fragments look like the the small, specter white creature from before...]

[[ooc: And the OS is out! He's by the high school. No, he doesn't know what happened to the MS, because he doesn't know who the hell that is. Demony things, ANY demony things, keep your distance. Because that sword isn't sealed by no truth regret and form hooha and he doesn't mind personally smacking down a bitch]]
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[The flickering image on the screen, though somewhat fractured by the lines on the crystal, are beautifully clear.

A massive, twisting black mass, pulsing red lines shifting over it's distinctly feline form, huge yellow eyes set in a madly grinning sharp toothed face as claws as long and sharp as scimitars dig into the floor of an old wooden floor, the walls behind it lovingly painted in undersea scenes.

Blood is spattered behind it, rich red brilliant against the pure white patterns of the sea foam.

Yowling and spitting, it flings itself at a golden figure, the sparks that fly beautiful to behold, a series of colors that explode across the room. And as the golden one moves to strike it down i-

Oop! Scenes over, everyone go home.

... Said crystals finder seems pretty damn pleased though]


What a fascinating gem.

[ooc: See here for the scene and OH GOD THE COLORS]
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[There's a pause, and then a soft, shuddering sigh. All at once, there's the sound of seven hundred and seventy seven scales all tipping one direction at once.]


[There's a gentle flutter of paper, and the rustling of silks. No, he's not going into the forest. He just fucking felt that. ... And saw it. Citizens of Discedo might soon find ofuda charms pasted up around the city. If any of you weirdos are careful enough to keep track of where they all are in correlation to the others, one might find that they make a pattern. ... The same kind of eye on that of the ofuda.

He's just being safe, no one needs to worry about getting trapped today. Mess with them all you like, you'll find they'll just be meticulously replaced within the hour]
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[... Is that water you hear? ... Yes, that's definitely water lapping gently against the side of something wooden. Maybe a boat. Odd, coming from this frequency, he doesn't really seem like the sailing type, does he? What is this, out fishing for the day?

Well, there's some sloshing, dripping... and a sickening wet splat]

... It seems someone got a touch messy.


Do refrain from tossing your refuse in the lake.


I believe we have a proper hospital here for these.


[[ooc: b-backdated to this morning. Because I slept through this morning. Derp]]
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[Well it took a bit, but there's a familiar sound through the hospital. The clack of geta sandals against the hospital floor. He's finally gone back out for a stroll. ... For now, at least]

How nice to see some things remain constant. [It's hard to tell if he's being sarcastic or not]


I do suggest we take advantage of the quiet before the newly unchipped here begin to act up. I do hope you all take Jackie-sans warning seriously.

[[ooc: If you want to bump into this creeper, he'll be anywhere around the outside and inside of the hospital.]]
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There's a scale on the recording button, hopping happily up and down in front of the screen. Mr. Scale says hello to you, Discedo! My, it's been a long time, he missed you guys!

His owner, however... yeah, not so much. There's a flickering light in the background that suggests a fire, and the slowly curling smoke floating upwards says there might be more than a few little incense burners running here, along with a slowly boiling pot of tea.

The Medicine Seller himself looks... pretty damn relaxed, actually... In fact, it almost looks like he's sleeping for once, settled into the brightly colored kimono like a cat that fell asleep in the clothes hamper.

And all aruond the place, gentle chiming. The scales got out for a little exercise it seems, Hey, at least they're not going outside, right?

Anyway, Mr. Scale seems content to amuse any watchers of this channel, starting up a happy little hoppy dance on the communicator.]
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The first.

In a tunnel of darkness lies a beast of iron. It can only attack when pulled back.

The second.

The more that there is,
The less that you see.
Squint all you wish when Surrounded by me.

The third.

The man who invented it,
Doesn't want it for himself.
The man who bought it,
Doesn't need it for himself.
The man who needs it,
Doesn't know it when he needs it.
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A familiar sound if you know the Medicine Seller. Someone is finally on the move again. Well... there's no one left that he was originally rooming with and the apartment room itself is more or less all exploded thanks to the weather.

There's no Medicine Seller on the screen as it flickers on, though one can make out his shadow on the wall, along with the shadow of the medicine box. Looks like he made maybe a little fire, or at least lit a lantern.

A shadow that is cast over a statue of a cowled woman holding a lantern, and the smallest bit of a... paw tied against a piece of wood. The rest of the animal is off camera, and has rather obviously been long dead.

Seems he's decided to move to the museum.]

... All of life moves on. Losing some and leaving others. It all returns to dust, and renews itself in another shape.

[Kayo is gone. Baiken is gone. Anji is gone. Is he lonely? ... Hard to tell.]

It was spring yesterday.
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I am fine.

[Yes, that is about it. No, he hasn't come back to the apartment room yet, he's still in the healing stage right now. Turns out being smacked around by a demonic sword hurts a lot more than it looks.

Apologies? .... Nope. He was just doing his job, kthx! ... Okay, he'll say this]

Kayo-san... I am with

Naja-san. [And here are some handy dandy directions. Follow them and don't get lost]
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[It was only darkness that started the feed... And silence that was cut by the rumble of a storm contained within a man, a voice like purest thunder.


[The delicate chime of a small bell sounded softly in reply, before the soft, deep tone of the Medicine Seller answered]

Form... truth... and regret are known.

[Spoken in the Archaic Japanese, the words as calm as they ever were]

With these now known, can the sword come forth.


[And a sound like the scream of a demon]


[The communicator finally clattered to the ground, flickering on among a forest of death, the bodies of monsters impaled upon massive spikes around them... as a golden being weaved and darted among them to avoid a sword borne from shadows, with the holy light of his own sword lighting up the darkness like a captured sunbeam...

The video faded to black as the golden one, and the beast of shadows took their fight to the canopy of spikes above...

How much time passed before the feed again became live? This time, that button had been hit on purpose, though no sound came from it, the landscape mute under the gently falling snow.

How strange and bright the blood looked against the pure white snow, as a single, almost delicate looking hand rested just inside the frame, the finger pressed down against the record button.

Words were... a bit beyond him right now]

[[ooc: Don't worry, the MS is alive! Alucard just... got a little excited. And yes, the log is still in progress]]
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[There's a clatter, the sound of the communicator probably falling out of its perch, before the video turns on. It's.... the floor!

If one listens, they might be able to make out the muffled sounds of two people talking. One slow, steady and quiet, the other fast and irritated, almost demanding. Both are speaking in Archaic Japanese, however, and it's so disjointed by the muffled sound that it's almost impossible to make out what is being said.

There's the sound of a heavy sigh, a male...

And the communicator is picked up.

And for one, wonderful, perfect moment, the poor victim of Kayos fashion sense appears on the screen.]


[Just as quickly, he see's the little recording light and... ffff off it goes!]
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[The MS's tree is growing~. And... it is looking a little... odd.

It does sort of resemble a Japanese maple, but those leaves suggest something else. It really doesn't help that the bark can't seem to make up its mind about a color and texture, patches of it rough and raised and other parts as smooth as polished wood. The color varies in areas from gray, to almost burnt black, to an earthy brown, but at least the leaves have all decided that a spring green is a good way to go.

Well, in any case, it's still a sapling. Maybe it'll make up its damn mind as it grows bigger.

Doesn't seem to be much going on here. There's a bug that's kind of lazily crawling around the rim of the pot and


A thin vine snaps out from one of the branches, snapping up the bug and zipping back into... wherever the hell it came from. The leaves shudder once, and almost seemed to fluff itself a bit, before going back to being boring.

Yup. Boring old sapling]
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[The communicator is on and filming. Who is that? Why, it's the Medicine Seller! ... And a... pot? He seems to be rather interested in the green bud poking up out of the dirt, gently touching the little seedling and examining it.

He doesn't really look like the gardening type, does he?

Well he's going to put the little sucker by the window, then vanish off screen for a moment, before returning with a small, long and thin fluted kettle. Well look at that, he's actually taking care of it. He gives a glance at the communicator from where he is, standing up straight again.]

... A

lovely gift

indeed... Kayo-san... Baiken-san... Anji-san... And Chip...

Do remember to

take care of them. [What does your neighborhood creeper know? He's not giving any other hints, just a thin smile, and the feed cuts out]
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I saw a creature with its belly behind
Huge and swollen, handled by a servant,
A hard, muscled man who struggled so
That the bulge in its belly burst through its eye:
Its passion--gorge and spill through death,
Then rise and fill with second breath
To sire a son and father self.

The culminant lord of victories, Christ,
Created me for battle. Often I burn
Countless living creatures on earth,
Treat them to terror though I touch them not,
When my lord rouses me to wage war.
Sometimes I lighten the minds of many,
Sometimes I comfort those I fought fiercely
Before. They feel this high blessing
As they felt that burning, when over the surge
And sorrow, I again grace their going.

I am sun-struck, rapt with flame,
Flush with glory, flirt with the wind--
I am clutched by storm and touched by fire,
Ripe for the road, bloom-wood or blaze.
My path through the hall is from hand to hand
As friends raise me, proud men and women
Clutch and kiss me, praise my power
And bow before me. To many I bring
A ripe bliss, a rich blooming.

[There's a pause, and he switches over to Archaic Japanese, just for his lovely roomates.]

I have found... a rather interesting... creature.

Do try to be... nice

to her.
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[The Medicine Seller =/= a fan of kissing. He's not a prude and he has nothing against all the rest of you making out to your hearts content.

But if you don't mind, he's going to sit this one out.

Or try anyway. Not much kissing trouble he can get into if he doesn't go out wandering today. Though really, he'd be outside if he could but get to the door without inevitably meeting someone.

So instead he's going to chill in the apartment room and contemplate the festively decorated ceiling.]

... Interesting tradition.

[[ooc: Comment log open to all the unfortunates that share the apartment with him! Anji, Chip, Baiken and Kayo (t-tell me if I'm missing someone).]]


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